Podcast Movement Virtual Exhibitors

Schedule your demos now!

As an exhibitor at Podcast Movement Virtual, you get the opportunity to conduct “live” product or service demonstrations at your booth, up to one time per each of the four main session days.

Session requirements:

  • These demos can be live, or pre-recorded, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes.

  • You must provide us a YouTube or Vimeo link for your demo video(s). It can either be the link where your live video will broadcast, or where your pre-recorded video lives. We recommend Streamyard, or a similar platform, to easily schedule & broadcast live video to YouTube.

  • Your demo video feed will be embedded into an session page inside the Swapcard event platform, meaning it will look and feel just like an event session. It will have chat & Q&A enabled for you to use during your session.

  • Your demo schedule will be listed on your exhibitor profile page, as well as a page that lists all demos taking place at the event

This form can be edited after submitting, so feel free to complete as much as you can now, and add the rest as the event draws near.